Wedding ceremony

The ceremony is undoubtedly the most important part of the wedding day. To remember the moment of entering into marriage as one of the strongest and most beautiful moments in life, everything must be perfectly prepared and coordinated.


In order for everything to blend in perfect harmony with a right dose of elegance, I pay attention to all the details:

  • Ceremony rehearsal the day before
  • Guests must be taken care of before the ceremony, so I arrange a pleasant music, and enough refreshments and beverages for incoming guests
  • Informing guests about the schedule and space
  • Seating plan for the closest family and friends
  • Special arrival of the groom, best men, parents, bridesmaids, and the bride
  • Quality sound system throughout the room
  • Smooth and organized post-ceremony photography

Wedding day

My private motto for the perfect wedding day is: “From tears of emotion to smiles!”


When tears of happiness and emotion mingle with sincere joy and laughter at a wedding, I know that an essential part of my mission is accomplished to an excellent degree.

And believe me, this beautiful and fulfilling feeling is one of the reasons why I became a wedding coordinator.


What is most important to me? Sincere trust and common liking with the couple. The size or concept of the wedding is purely up to you.


At the initial meeting, we will get together over a cup of excellent coffee where I listen carefully, perceive your ideas, ask questions and listen again. It is important to get on a personal level so that we can get to know each other better.


What’s next? The manner of your wedding day, styling and design. I will prepare a visualization in the form of a mood board, we will exchange countless phone calls, e-mails and appointments, I will prepare a script and so on and so forth. On the actual wedding day, I am with you during the preparations and throughout the whole day.


And what is the resume? Your unique day full of comfort, joy, and smiles. I will take care of everything and you can enjoy your day in peace, surrounded by your loved ones.


More and more rituals have been abandoned in recent years, which is a great pity. For me, christening is one of the most important moments of our lives and it is very intimate.


I have been involved in event management since 2007. During this time, I have filled my portfolio with countless conferences, both offline and online, multimedia shows, balls, gala evenings, or company anniversaries.

During these years I have verified that professional event management leads to the strengthening of the brand, it’s marketing, and PR.

3D visualization

I focus on efficiency when planning events. The presentation with the help of 3D visualizations proved to be successful. You will get a clear idea of the final effect and you can thus continue working with the design without unnecessary costs. The visualizations are clear and the main thing is that they are variable.